Ertec Inlet Protection

Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Guard

TypePerimeter Protection: High Traffic Areas (Home Builders)Price Per Foot
PG - Black7 Foot lengths, 6.0 to 6.5" high, 4" flap$1.55
PG - Orange7 Foot lengths, 6.0 to 6.5" high. 4" flap, high visibility orange

Hard Surface Guard

TypePerimeter Protection: Hard Surfaces, Asphalt & ConcretePrice Per Foot
HSG 06 - Black7 foot lengths, 5.0 to 6.5" high$2.15
HSG 10 - Black7 foot lengths, 10" high$3.25

Edge Guard

TypePerimeter Protection: Small Areas, Islands, During LandscapingPrice Per Foot
EG5 foot length 6" high$1.08


TypePerimeter Protection: Alternative to Silt FencePrice Per Foot
SF OB7 foot lengths, 8" high-alternative to siltfence$1.39
SF 107 foot lengths, 10" high-alternative to siltfence$1.49
SF 147 foot lengths, 14" high - Used for areas with concentrated flows$2.15
SF 207 foot lengths, 20 high - Used for areas with concentrated flows$2.90

Slope & Perimeter Protection

Pro Wattle

TypeProtection for Stabilized Slopes and Low-Traffic PerimetersPrice Per Foot
PW 067 foot lengths, 6 to 8 high - Alternative to wattles$1.55
PW 107 foot lengths, 10" high - Alternative to wattles$2.39

Ditch & Swale Protection

Ditch Guard

TypeProtection for Roadside Ditches and Channels with Concentrated Flows
Price Each
DiG 09
3 foot lengths, 9 high - Checkdam segments interconnect

Top Guard - Drain Inlet Protection

Curb Inlet Guard

TypeProtection for Curb Inlets (No Grate)Price Each
CIG 7575* long. Fits 5' opening, overlap for longer openings$38.34
CIG 8888* long. Fits 6.5' opening, overlap for longer openings$47.01

Combo Guard

TypeProtection for Combination Curb and Grate InletsPrice Each
CG 28x22Fits 23" x 19 grate$35.94
CG 36x18.5Fits 36" 18" grate$43.14
CG 48x18.5Fits 36" X 16" grate$43.14
CG 48x22Fits 36" 18" AND 36" x 20" AND 40" 17" grates$44.34
CG 48x27Fits 40" x 24" grate$46.74
CG 48x30Fits 42" x 28" grate$50.34

GR8 Guard

TypeProtection for Drain Inlet grates in paved areas (Flat)Price Each
GG 12x12Fits grates up to 12" X 12", High Visibility Orange$31.04
GG 20x20Fits grates up to 20 x 20", High Visibility Orange$33.57
GG 28x28Fits grates up to 28" x 28", High Visibility Orange$40.28
GG 36x24Fits grates up to 36" x 24", High Visibility Orange$40.28
GG 36X36Fits grates up to 36" x 36", High Visibility Orange$47.84
GG 42x28Fits grates up to 42" 28", High Visibility Orange$47.84
GG 48x16Fits grates up to 48" x 16. High Visibility Orange$47.84
GG 48x24Fits grates up to 48" x 24", High Visibility Orange$47.84
GG 48x36Fits grates up to 48" x 36", High Visibility Orange$57.08
GG 48x48Fits grates up to 48 x 48". High Visibility Orange$70.52
GG 60x60Fits grates up to 60" x 60", High Visibility Orange$92.36
GG - CustomSizes available for other unusual grate sizes or situationsCall Green Globe for pricing

Slot Guard

TypeProtection for Slot or Trench DrainsPrice Each
SG 84x06Fits drains up to 6" wide and 6.5' long. Overlap if needed$31.14
SG 84x12Fits drains up to 12" wide and 6.5'long. Overlap if needed$38.34
SG 84x15Fits drains up to 15" wide and 6.5'long. Overlap if needed$43.14
SG 84x20Fits drains up to 20" wide and 6.5"long. Overlap if needed$47.94

Drop Guard

TypeProtection for Drop Inlets in unpaved areasPrice Each
DrG 12One size fits all - 7' x 12" high. (4x4' requires 21') Orange$15.96
DIG 15One size fits all - 7' x 15high. (4x4' requires 21") Orange$19.82

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