Silt Fence New Mexico

Stormwater compliance—it’s a crucial aspect of any construction project, helping to reduce pollutant runoff into nearby roads and stormwater systems. Throughout each phase, constructors are responsible for coordinating and executing an effective stormwater pollution prevention plan (SWPPP), ensuring appropriate sediment and erosion control is maintained throughout the entirety of the project.

At Green Globe Environmental, we recognize that a project is only as successful as the SWPPP it has in place, and offer products that effectively enhance both. Providing a full line of silt fences throughout New Mexico and the El Paso area, we’re able to meet the needs of both our clients and the environment with a solution that protects sediment runoff while also preserving water quality!

Trusted for projects throughout New Mexico and the El Paso area, choose Green Globe Environmental for silt fences!

A Trusted Source for Silt Fences

New Mexico—if you’re looking for a silt fence, look no further than Green Globe Environmental! Also referred to as a “filter fence”, silt fences act as a temporary sediment control device, and are commonly used on construction sites to retain soil on distrubed land. Made out of porous fabric, silt fences act as a filter, allowing water to pass through while stopping sediment, and therefore protecting nearby water systems, such as streams, rivers, and lakes. They’re held up by wood or metal poles, making them inexpensive and easy to deconstruct. Though a simple concept, silt fences are highly effective, holding up to 50 tons of sediment for a single 100-foot area! Once construction is completed, silt fences can be removed, allowing soil to stabilize and vegetation to grow.

Customization & Personalization

Not only do our silt fences retain sediment, but they also enhance your business! Rather than just providing plain black silt fences, we can customize ours to market our clients, their business, and project! Innovatively display your logo, sponsors, and more with Green Globe Environmental—proudly providing New Mexico with customized silt fences!

For a silt fence to be effective, it must be properly designed and placed with the adequate amount of fencing. The experts of Green Globe Environmental help you achieve exactly that, consulting you throughout the inspection and maintenance of your SWPPP project. Committed to our clients and the environment, Green Globe Environmental is the leading provider of silt fences in New Mexico and the name you can trust!